What is Stormboard?

Stormboard is an all-in-one digital workspace where high-performing teams hold meetings, monitor projects, and get work done every day no matter where they are located — down the hall, in a different building, or somewhere else in the world!

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Hold better meetings

Save 10 minutes before and after every meeting, generate more ideas than in a conventional meeting, shorten all meetings by a minimum of 10%, and even eliminate the need for some meetings altogether!

How? Prepare and provide context ahead of time using one of our hundreds of built-in templates for business processes like Agile, Kanban, and SWOT, so your meetings are intentional and efficient. Everything is captured and assigned after one meeting, so you don't need to meet again in order to check-in on a project's progress, assign tasks, share ideas, or ask questions — all you have to do is monitor the Storm and have everyone who participated in your meeting continue to add updates and new ideas into it.

Standardize your business processes with hundreds of built-in templates

Get instant feedback and make better decisions faster

Create instant reports as PDF files, Microsoft Word docs, and more!

Keep everything in one place


Keep everything in one place

You have a great idea that you want to share with all of the members of your team. How do you do it? Send an email? A text message? Write it on a sticky note and put it on your wall?

With Stormboard, ideas can be added as text, videos, files, free-form drawings, images, and more, and can then be organized by color, shape, category, or into specific template sections in order to be prioritized and acted on making it easy to meet, share files, get work done, and make decisions all in one space.

Save time by keeping all of your work in an infinite perpetual workspace

Never lose track of work in email chains, photos of whiteboards, or rolled up flipcharts

Collaborate visually on any device from your smart phone to the 85" Microsoft Surface Hub

Create high-performing teams

Effective collaboration is the new competitive advantage. The key is integrating people with diverse talents in highly distributed workspaces.

With Stormboard every single person is an active participant in your meeting — whether they are located a few floors, or thousands of kilometers, away. Storms (what we call your digital workspace) can be accessed at any time on any device with a web browser which means that teams in one time zone can pick up where their team members on the other side of the world left off without skipping a beat.

Contribute content using your own words, your way with drawings, images, videos, and more

Stay connected between meetings with chat or comments

Stormboard enables everday teamwork by keeping momentum going

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We keep your content secure

Thousands of companies trust Stormboard - protecting you and your data is our top priority. With Stormboard, your ideas are transmitted over a 256 bit SSL (bank-grade) internet connection and your meeting space is accessible by invite only.

Strong Data Encryption

All data transfer to and from our Cloud services is encrypted with Transport Layer Security (TLS). Stormboard's implementation of TLS uses strong ciphers and protocols by default.

Hosted on AWS

We use the industry's gold standard hosting provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host all of Stormboard's services.

You can read more about their security here.

Operational Security

Access to Stormboard's systems, and your data, is restricted to only those who need access in order to provide you with the best support possible.

Stormboard will help you...

  • Run better meetings
  • Capture and organize your ideas
  • Share and collaborate on content
  • Work more effectively with distributed teams
  • Standardize your business processes
  • Brainstorm
  • Set priorities and tasks
  • Make quick decisions
  • Monitor projects
  • Analyze complex problems or ideas
  • Create professional looking presentations and reports

Ways to use:

  • Agile Scrum
  • Daily Standup Meetings
  • Kanban
  • Design Thinking
  • Retrospectives
  • Affinity mapping
  • Presentations
  • Idea Bucket
  • Product Development
  • UX design

Stormboard is integrated with applications that you already use!

Collaborate with your team on any device

Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices are available and work in real-time on any device with a web browser from your 4" phone to your 85" Microsoft Surface Hub.

Microsoft Surface Hub

Stormboard for Surface Hub enables secure large-screen collaboration for dynamic teams.


Access Stormboard from your laptop or desktop no matter where you are located.

Mobile App

Stormboard’s mobile apps allow you to join a meeting, contribute idea, and work on-the-go no matter where you are located.

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