Easy, Fun & Flexible

It takes one minute to learn and 5 to master. It's also perfect for connecting remote teams.

Access Your Data Anytime

It's useful before, during and after your meetings. You can access your data from anywhere.


It works on whatever device you choose to work with. Laptops, Tablets, Touchsceens or Mobile devices.


It gives you the ability to output beautiful reports in word, excel, powerpoint and PDF formats.


Everything in Stormboard is transmitted over a SSL encrypted connection so no one can intercept your ideas.


It provides you with a variety of template boards for all different kinds of industries and processes.



1. Create a storm:

Once you've signed into your account simply click the "Create a Storm" button to get started. Select a template from the drop down menu on the Create a Storm page. Stormboard offers a wide range of templates to cater to many different industries and processes. Now you have a storm!

2. Add a sticky note:

Create your first sticky note by selecting "sticky" from the upper lefthand menu, selecting a color and typing in the sticky note field. Press enter and drag your sticky note to where you want it on the board. The Image and Document sticky notes work the same way, with the added ability to upload an image or document. The video sticky will allow you to link a video from Youtube.

3. Create a sketch:

Add a sketch to the storm by selecting the Sketch sticky type. A board for you to sketch on with your touchscreen, tablet or mouse will then appear. When you're finished sketching just click "Create Sketch" and it will be added to your storm.

4. Create a stack:

A stack is like a sub-folder, or sub-storm in this case. Select a Stack sticky note from the menu and enter a title for it. Once you've placed it in the storm just click on the stack icon that appears on the lower righthand corner of the sticky. This will take you into the stack where you can enter more sticky notes, just like in the original storm.

5. Vote:

By now you should have a few sticky notes in your storm, so let's vote on some of them. A sticky note that has not received any votes yet will show a zero at the bottom of the sticky. Click on that zero and add or remove votes as you see fit. You can pile all your votes on one sticky, or spread them around the board.

6. Comment:

Commenting on sticky notes is also useful for team communication. Just click the speech bubble on the bottom left hand corner of a sticky to add your comment.

7. Activity:

Want to see what's been happening in your storm recently? Just click the "Activity" button on the top right hand corner of your storm to see what sticky notes have been added, voted on and commented on in recent history. The storm overview will also show a small dot on any new sticky notes.

8. Reports:

Reporting is a great way to see what's going on in your storm, without having to count votes, look for comments or determine which ideas came out on top. You'll find the "Reporting" button in the menu at the bottom of the screen. Experiment with the different report types to see which ones are most appropriate for you.

9. Edit:

It's understandable that you may want to make changes to sticky notes from time to time. Just click on the settings wheel on the upper right hand corner of a sticky to edit the text, lock the sticky in place, make it a title sticky or stack and copy or move it to another storm. You can also change the color of the sticky here.

10. Invite:

Now that you know how to use Stormboard it's time to invite other team members to brainstorm and collaborate with you. Just click the add button in the Storm Participants area to invite people into your storm.

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