Capture Ideas in Multiple Ways

You don't need to be in the same room in order to share ideas! Contribute to a Storm using sticky note text, images, video files, index cards, documents, digital sketches, and more!

Prioritize Action Items

All ideas have a comment thread allowing your team to clarify, debate and refine ideas, and then vote on them using colour-coded "dots".You can then assign tasks within your Storm so that everyone knows who is accountable to follow-up on each idea.

Real-Time Ongoing Collaboration

With Stormboard, everyone is an interactive, ongoing participant, which means that users inspiration strikes without having to wait for the next scheduled meeting or brainstorming session.

Custom Templates

Manage a project, design a product, or build a business plan — there are hundreds of templates that you can use to kick-start your meeting, or contact us to request a custom template made just for your team!

Detailed Reporting

Export the ideas from your template into a professional report that can be collaboratively edited and then shared immediately with meeting participants or key stakeholders. Reports are available as a PNG, PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Wordle, and more.

Microsoft Surface Hub

Stormboard for Surface Hub lets you use Stormboard on a massive 55" or 84" Surface Hub touchscreen.

Write on sticky notes with one of two pens that come with the Surface Hub and in realtime it converts to text. Stormboard on a 55" or 84" touchscreen lets you take advantage of the front of the room whiteboard experience.

Create a storm

Sign-up for an account, click the "Create a Storm" button and select a template from the drop down menu.



Now that you know how to use Stormboard it's time to invite other team members to brainstorm and collaborate with you. Just click the add button in the Storm Participants area to invite people into your storm.

Add a sticky note

Create your first sticky note by selecting "sticky" from the upper lefthand menu, selecting a color and typing in the sticky note field, adding an image, uploading a document, or linking a video.


Create a whiteboard sketch

Add a sketch to the storm by selecting the Sketch sticky type. A board for you to sketch on with your touchscreen, tablet or mouse will then appear. When you're finished sketching just click "Create Sketch" and it will be added to your storm.

Create an index card

An index card is like a sub-folder, or sub-storm. Select an index card sticky note from the menu and enter a title for it. Once you've placed it in the storm just click on the stack icon that appears on the lower righthand corner of the sticky. This will take you into the stack where you can enter more sticky notes, just like in the original storm.



By now you should have a few sticky notes in your storm, so let's vote on some of them. A sticky note that has not received any votes yet will show a zero at the bottom of the sticky. Click on that zero and add or remove votes as you see fit. You can pile all your votes on one sticky, or spread them around the board.

Comment and assign Tasks

Commenting on sticky notes is also useful for team communication. Just click the speech bubble on the bottom left hand corner of a sticky to add your comment. You can also assign tasks to different members of your team so that everyone knows what they are responsible for.



Want to see what's been happening in your storm recently? Just click the "Activity" button on the top right hand corner of your storm to see what sticky notes have been added, voted on, and commented on in recent history. The storm overview will also show a small dot on any new sticky notes.


It's understandable that you may want to make changes to sticky notes from time to time. Just click on the settings wheel on the upper right hand corner of a sticky to edit the text, lock the sticky in place, make it a title sticky or stack and copy or move it to another storm. You can also change the color of the sticky.



Reporting is a great way to see what's going on in your storm, without having to count votes, look for comments or determine which ideas came out on top. You'll find the "Reporting" button in the menu at the bottom of the screen. Experiment with the different Microsoft Office Online report types to see which ones are most appropriate for you.

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